Creative Marketing Solutions for Telecom and IT Channel Organizations

We bring creativity together with focused industry expertise to help you reach your audience and tell your brand story in a unique and compelling way.

Where to start.
We recommend you start with a Marketing Needs Assessment. It’s a consulting engagement where we’ll assess your current marketing efforts and your goals then recommend an approach to your marketing that is customized to your unique needs.

This is a 5 point assessment of your brand and current marketing efforts designed to help us quickly discover where you stand and how you differentiate from the competition. Then our experience and institutional knowledge will help us determine the best approach to your future marketing efforts, uniquely tailored to you based on your goals, budget, timeline, and in-house capabilities. It includes:


Recommendations for your brand including visual identity, messaging and positioning, and value proposition.



Assessment of your website in key areas like design aesthetic, functionality, user journey, content, and SEO.

Social Media

Evaluation of your social media presence, how it’s being used, content, ad strategy, and engagement.


Sales Enablement

Does your sales collateral support your messaging your sales pitch at key interaction points?

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How and when are you communicating with your target market and customers?


We're happy to extend a 20% discount for AVANT members.

Your full cost of your needs assessment will be credited back on your next root23 project.

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