Building an innovative, disruptive culture. 

Today, AVANT is undeniably one of the top master agent/distributors. When they decided it was time to go head-to-head with the leading legacy master agents in the channel, they hired us to help them establish a cohesive brand strategy, build awareness, and drive partner recruitment.

With the launch of AVANT’s new branding, new website and other assets, and the Swagger campaign, we immediately made an impression on the channel. Within 18 months of launch, AVANT’s brand is one of the most recognizable in the industry and is synonymous with enablement and next-gen technology. AVANT has seen a steady increase in success across all performance metrics, including a steady stream of qualified partners looking to quickly enter new markets for emerging technology by leveraging the enablement platform AVANT has built.

Brand Development, Usage, and Standards.
AVANT’s innovative culture is one of their greatest assets, so we make sure it shines through in any medium or marketing channel.
User Experience, Visual Design and Website Development.

We built AVANT a modern, responsive site that captures the essence of their brand in its design and delivers content in a way that leads users through a journey that ends in conversation.

Clever, Irreverent and to the Point.

When your mission is to disrupt an industry you don’t walk on eggshells.  AVANT came to the channel to make noise and the Swagger campaign did just that.  Swagger dropped the AVANT brand’s positioning on the market like a sledgehammer.

Audience Building and Engagement.
People follow when you lead.  We bring AVANT’s thought leadership content to their friends on Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook where it sparks insightful conversation.  We have some fun too while we’ve grown their networks and driven new engagement.
Large Format Printing and Collateral Material.
If you’ve ever been to a Channel Partners show you’ve seen our print work for AVANT.  You can’t miss the signs, banners, and collateral materiel that were designed to bring their brand into the third dimension.