Alexis Heads to Texas for AVANT Special Forces Summit

Root23’s Alexis Keller, a.k.a. The Blonde Don, is headed to Avant’s 2021 Special Forces Summit in Austin, Texas late this September, and she’s bringing her powerhouse knowledge and authentic approach with her. 

Trusted Advisors from across the channel space are encouraged to attend the conference, which will be held at the Fairmont Hotel September 27-29. 

The Summit will focus on keeping up with innovation across the industry, and holding strong footing on shifting grounds. As Avant puts it,

“This isn’t just another networking event or product training. Special Forces Summit is for partners serious about taking actionable steps to stay ahead of the pace of change in technology and transform their business.”

The COVID-19 global pandemic, Alexis states, has accelerated the rate of change in the industry, as well as the adoption of technology products and services. For example, the national shut-down and work-from-home infrastructure forced businesses, schools, and hospitals into digital transformation – whether they were ready for it or not.

So, you can only imagine what this meant to the industry that’s responsible to help. All across the IT and Telecom space, businesses had to restrategize. And for some, that meant starting from scratch. 

In the era of digital transformation, the key lies in staying ahead of shifts, broadening one’s understanding of what’s available, and having a portfolio of the best and most reputable providers and solutions. This enables a business to deliver the best to their customers. Knowing what’s out there, and knowing how to stay in front of change and innovation, are the name of the game this year. 

Brand recognition and strategy have taken on an even greater importance in the tech sphere, with increased demand for services and heavyweight competition. Companies had to ask themselves questions like, are customers able to find us? Is our messaging clear? Do we look credible and capable? Most of all, businesses are placing emphasis on adaptability. The global pandemic has proven to so many, both in and out of the industry, that we can never guess what’s around the corner. We can only be ready to shift and meet the future. Now, you may be asking, “How do we do that?” That’s where Alexis comes in. 

In order to pivot at a moment’s notice, the solution is clear – a bulletproof brand strategy. Her presentation will demonstrate the journey to building a strong brand foundation, one that’s built to weather the storm.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room,” Alexis explains.

“Your website, social, collateral materials – you’re being evaluated at every customer interaction point. Don’t leave money on the table because your brand can’t speak well enough on your behalf.”

Alexis’s steadfast dedication to her own personal brand has helped her adapt, grow, and thrive throughout the last decade of her storied career. 

“Every path I’ve taken in life has confirmed the importance of your reputation and fostering your network. Over time, I’ve developed my own personal brand around that network being exactly who I am,” she says. These principles guided Alexis in establishing the personal and professional reputation that has driven many of her successful business ventures, including her previous networking event company Badass Networking

Let’s break down what we mean by “brand.” Your brand encompasses the look of your business, the way that it communicates, the services it offers, and the value system it operates on. Alexis places importance on the brand’s authenticity. When defining your brand’s value system, aesthetics and assets, and voice, consider your own; drawing up your branding from a genuine space creates a more sustainable outcome. A cohesive brand and a killer strategy lead the way for client acquisition. 

At the core of that, Alexis offers three simple words for anyone in sales: Know, Like, Trust.

In order to close a deal, you have to accomplish 3 things. First, they have to know you. Then, they have to like you. But to seal the deal – they have to trust you. If your brand transcends the essence of your business, you can potentially check off the first 2 boxes before even meeting them, Alexis explains. Then, all that’s left is being you – build a relationship and establish trust.

She bases her approach on that concept: clients need to feel comfortable and confident working with you. The goal is to convert their pain points into positive outcomes. The key, she explains, is in the discovery process and thoroughly examining their unique circumstances. Then, we can develop a strategy to overcome these obstacles.

“You have to get your ducks in a row, make it clear and concise, and then figure out how to communicate that in an effective way,” Alexis says. “What’s the look and feel, identity and visual assets that align with that strategy, what qualities describe you? There are many different ways to take characteristics and translate them through a visual execution.” 

She stresses the importance of connecting deeply with clients, and creating an approach and experience that jogs an emotional response.

Alexis’s candid style is the center of her own title, The Blonde Don.

“The Blonde part speaks to femininity,” she explains, “and the Don, well that’s all me, I’m a gangsta.”

Be that as it may, she knows the importance of showing up authentically and with genuine care for her clients. She remembers birthdays and keeps up with the milestones in their lives. As she puts it, “It’s all about the people for me.”

In fact, one of the things she’s most excited to do at the Special Forces Summit, “besides being in the spotlight,” she says with a laugh, is to meet her clients. 

“Since I am a people person, it’s very exciting to be able to meet these clients that I feel like I know so well, that I talk to every week and have never even met!”

Alexis’s connection with clients is unparalleled. One of her clients even tried to move a personal trip around in order to attend her workshop at the Summit. 

“It was the thought that mattered. It drove home the fact that they can tell I care. It’s all about being genuine. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, it’s about being real – that’s my brand, and I own it!”

Reserve your spot to attend Avant’s Special Forces Summit virtually or in person and be sure to catch Alexis’s wise words on powerful branding and elevating client connections. If you can take anybody’s word on good business, it’s The Blonde Don’s. 

Breakout Session: Building Your Personal & Company Brand
Date & Time: Wednesday, September 29th | 2:50pm – 3:35pm CT