Industry Focus + Experience + Creative Chops = Exceptional Results

Root23 is a small but powerfully experienced team of marketing strategists and creatives that are dedicated to helping Trusted Advisors, Service Providers, and channel organizations in the IT and telecom industries find their unique identity and deliver that message to the right audience at just the right time.
Focused on Connecting You with Your Market
We help companies find their identity and create an emotional connection with their customers. We work tirelessly to understand who our clients are and what they represent, drawing from our extensive industry experience combined with an in-depth process to identify unique insights into what will make you stand out. Whether it’s your branding, your website, social media presence, or collateral material, your marketing needs to exude confidence and credibility when IT decision makers consider entrusting you to guide their next-gen IT decisions and provide them with the solutions that will drive their enterprise forward. Root23 has the industry-focused experience to guide you and deliver the big-brand credibility you need to close the big deals.
Why we’re the right partner for your project.
vs. Other Creative Agencies

Faster onboarding

More insightful execution

Knowledge of industry practice

Proven results

Trusted in the industry

Less risk, better results

vs. Other Industry-Focused Agencies

Creative chops

Impeccable execution

Leaders in best practice

Not “cookie cutter”

Proven process

Agency experience drives results

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